Eredan iTCG: The Monster trophy is back!

Players who did not manage to obtain the Monster Trophy, can now obtain it in the Eredan iTCG store.

Once activated, you will be able try your luck and prove that you are a true Monster!

Good luck !

Eredan iTCG, the online trading card game.
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Eredan iTCG: The Seal!

As from today until Wednesday the 21st of July 2010 at midnight, a new trophy will be available!

Once this date is over, you will no longer have the opportunity to get this trophy.

For this event, you will have to win 30 fights against different players by having 20 different cards in your Deck (characters are not included).

Eredan iTCG, The Trading card game!

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Eredan iTCG: Cards of the Week!

Here are new cards for the series Fallen from the sky.

Fighter Hatred. Uncommon. Mage / Priest- Defense +3. Chain if the opponent is a Marauder or a Warrior.

Mystic Hatred. Uncommon. Warrior / Marauder - Spirit +1, Attack +2. Chain if the opponent is a Mage or a Priest.

Kotoba Hatred. Common. Zil Warriors - Attack +1 or Attack +3 if the opponent is a Kotoba.

Noz Hatred. Common. Kotoba - Attack +1 or Attack +3 if the opponent is a Noz'Dingard Envoy.

Zil Hatred. Common. Noz'Dingard Envoys - Attack +1 ou Attack +3 if the opponent is a Zil Warrior.

Good gaming to all !

Eredan iTCG,The trading card game.

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