Night of the Spirits

Shortly before the night of the undead, the Spirits get more powerful.
Videncia, the cartomancer, was surprized by their power and could not stop the Spirits from escaping her crystal ball.

Countless poltergeists pour into the lands of Guem and leave nothing but terror and fear in their wake.
Some of them preferred to take possession of Videncia, thus setting free her devastating powers upon the world.

What is this?

"The Night of the Spirits" is an event on Eredan iTCG during which you can obtain many skins and other disguises, as well as the new character: Videncia.

How does it work?

Until Wednesday, November 4th at noon (CET), you can catch Spirits by winning games in Tournament and also by liberating Videncia.

The daily trophies "Night of the Spirits" will also allow you to catch lots of Spirits.

You also find 300 Spirits in each Booster of 399/400 Fee’z.

These Spirits will allow you to get special disguises, Halloween skins that will only be available during these 7 days. It will also allow you to buy the event's character: Videncia.

Enjoy the game!

Limited Legendary Pack


The legendary Action card: “Orb Corruption” arrives on Eredan ITCG!

Orb Corruption. Legendary. Action. Unique. Duration 3 fights. Chain. As this card activates, choose 1 to 3 living opposing characters, 7 Orbs are created and randomly attached to them. As this card is discarded, each Orb makes its holder lose 1 Health point and is removed from the game.

Taking the opportunity, the Limited Legendary Pack is now available again until Tuesday at midnight (CET).

Contains: "Orb Corruption" + 1 other legendary card, 11 rare, 48 uncommon and 84 common cards from acts 5 to 12. +1 Foiler card, 4 XP+100 cards, 1 XP+200 cards, 1 XP+500 cards.

Enjoy your weekend on Eredan iTCG!

Card release: Skeletik

New cards have been released on Eredan iTCG:

Slicer of tears. Rare. Dagger. Nehantist. Undead. Warrior. Duration 2 fights. Dual Wield. Chain. Attack +2. At the end of the fight, deal 1 direct damage point to an opposing character. If this card is a Necrosis: Attack +1 until the end of the game. Otherwise this card becomes a Necrosis.

Skeletik. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution: Common. Nehantist. Warrior. Undead. Spirit 0. Attack 5/8. Defense 2. Health points 14. Cannot chain any card. After you have played your cards, if you have a living Necromancer, choose a Necrosis in your Discard Pile, this card is played. Turns 1 and 4: An Undead Action from your Deck becomes a Necrosis.

The following cards are reeditions of older cards, we took the opportunity to upgrade them:

Exhumation. Uncommon. Action. Nehantist. Undead. One of your Undead (dead or alive) who has less than 4 Health points Heals 6 to 8 and 3 Undead Actions in your Discard pile that are not Necroses become Necroses.

Mortality. Uncommon. Action. Nehantist. Undead. The out-of-combat characters suffer 1 direct damage point. If this card is a Necrosis, the out-of-combat characters who have less than 1 Health point, die. Necromancian: Chain "Fake death".

Lord of war. Uncommon. Action. Warrior. Choose a Weapon in your Hand, it is played. At the end of the fight, if the opposing character has no Weapon nor Armor attached to him, he suffers 2 direct damage points or 5 if you are wearing an active Kotoba Weapon.

Give death. Common. Action. Nehantist. Mage. Duration 6 turns. Choose a character and attach this card to him. He suffers 4 magic damage points. At the end of any of his fights, he suffers 2 Magic damage points. Necromancian: If it's one of your Undead, he has Defense -4 and Attack +4, then an additional Attack +2 at the start of his fights.

These cards are now available in the Newcomers Booster.

Enjoy the game!

The Wrath of Dragons

The long awaited moment has arrived, the patience of Dahre'ma has reached its limit. The gigantic dragon devours everything within reach and created big unrest among the other draconic colosses.

The Wrath of Dragons

Each Guild did try to negociate with these new sources of power, but only the Avalonian and Tempus managed to make a deal with Panturien, that he would protect their lands.

What is this?

"The Wrath of Dragons" is an event on Eredan iTCG in which you can obtain 10 dragon children, Panturien and the Unique action card “Draconic Battle”.

How can I get these offsprings?

Until Tuesday October 20th at noon (CET), you can accumulate Gold by gaining victories anywhere in the Adventure mode or in Tournament. You will win more Gold if you beat the dragons in the Adventure mode.

The new trophy “The Draconic Battle” will be available during the whole event. It allows you to get the unique Action card: “Draconic Battle”.

You also get 300 Gold in all 12 card boosters and 100 Gold in 4 and 6 card boosters.

With this Gold you can buy the offsprings of the dragons who will only be available during these 7 days. You can also use your Gold to place bids on the cards for the auctions.

The Dragons

During the event, the 10 dragons will alternate in the Adventure mode, each one appearing during one hour. Caution, these are very dangerous opponents! Prepare yourself well for the battle.

If you beat them, you loot cards and win a Gold bonus.

Clan Trophies

10 Clan trophies are available, one for each dragon. If 20 members of your Clan manage to kill a dragon in less than 7 minutes, your Clan will get the according trophy and all clan members recieve the folowing treasure:

That's right, organising raids with your Clan will allow you to activate act trophies in the store for free and get the hundreds available trophy cards!

After the Event

After the event, the dragons will still appear on the Adventure mode map but not quite as frequently and the Clans can continue their raids on the dragons to get the coupons. Only the Dragon offsprings will not be available anymore.

Have fun!

Preconstructed Deck Release: Catherine

New cards have been released on Eredan iTCG:

Catherine. (3 evolutions in all) On its last evolution: Rare. Noz'Dingard Envoys. Warrior. Mage. Marauder. Human. WitchBlade. Spirit 2. Attack 8/10. Defense 3. Health points 15. Your Witchblades have Attack +2/+0 and Defense +1 until the end of the game. When one of your Witchblades plays a One handed Sword or a Light Spell: Attack +1/+0 until the end of the turn. Turns 5 or less: Gain Chain Spell.

Fragmenting light. Common. Noz'Dingard Envoys. Item Other. WitchBlade. Duration 1 fight. As this card activates, plays a Light Spell from your Deck or your Hand. Noz: Sacrifice 2: The Attack of your opponents is divided in half (rounded down) until the end of the turn. Marauder: Chain Light Spell.

Discover the preconstructed deck: Catherine

For Catherine's release, we prepared a preconstructed deck for you, after a conception of "Recliff", the Noz'Dingard Guild Leader.

This 29 card deck (with 5 Rares and 8 Uncommons), containing Catherine, is available in store for 999 Fee’z thanks to a 50% discount that will last until Sunday at 11:59 PM (CET).
After this, the preconstructed deck “Catherine”, will be available for 1999 Fee’z in the “Deck” section of the store.

All cards of this preconstructed deck are playable in Standard format Tournaments.

Reedition / Patch

Ice Coffin. Uncommon. Noz'Dingard Envoys. Water Spell. Mage. WitchBlade. Defense +1. Removes all Items attached to your character. All these Items are then reattached and activate immediately. Chain.

Lux Draconis. Common. Noz'Dingard Envoys. Light Spell. Mage. Duration 3 turns. As this card activates your opponent suffers 4 to 5 magic damage points, +1 for each of your character's Classes (+3 max), and this card is attached to him. If your opponent is Nehantist, he has Defense -2.

These cards are now available in the Newcomers Booster.

Enjoy the game!

New epic skin!


A new demonic skin is available for Thanatissia! To celebrate its release, all the previously released skins are on sale with a discount of -30% until Tuesday, October 6th at midnight (CET).

Here the characteristics of this new Skin:

  • The Character is sold at its last evolution.
  • It has the same characteristics as the "normal" version, and follows the same rules for Deck building.
  • Price : 999 Fee'z
  • Non exchangeable card
  • Permanent item in store

Thanatissia. Exploit. Necromancer. Warrior. Mage. Demon. Undead. Spirit 2. Attack 4/6. Defense 3. Health points 14. Your other characters gain Undead if they haven't already and gain Chain Necrosis. If not, they have Attack +0/+3. Turns 2, 4 and 6: The opposing character has Attack -X, where X equals the amount of living Undeads.

Enjoy your weekend on Eredan iTCG!