Let us focus on Hares this week.

Hares the runic (and his two upgrades). Rare. Character, Mercenaries, Warrior, Human. Spirit 0. Att 5/10. Def 3. health 14 .Gain chain if you play some Armor. If Hares the Runic is equipped with Runic Armor and the opposing character plays at least one Theurgy, the opposition's healing will go to 0. Orders 3 - 6: Attack +2, Defense -1..

Runic Armor. Uncommon. Item, armor, Warrior, Human. Defense+2. Immunity Theurgy. Activates immediately if played on Hares the Brute or Hares the Runic.

Runic Protection. Common. Action, Warrior, Human. Doubles the bonuses and penalties of the current Defense..


The training Room has evolved !!

You can now play 5 games per day instead of 3.

Plus, characters that are fully upgraded are forbidden in the Training room.

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