After a week of incredible battles, we have our winners for the ELO Amnezy Tournament.

1st: 4000 Crystals + the Collector's card "knackered": Ulf (Elo 2014).
2nd : 3000 Crystals + the Collector"s card "knackered": Entelechy (Elo 2008)
3rd : 2000 Crystals + the Collector"s card "knackered": SDD (Elo 1977)

Those who won 1000 Crystals : Snacht, yukora84, tanlang, Maximousse, Belnal, Mokkori, franklas, minocia, ganymede, pokermaniac.

Congratulations to them !

Your Temporary Elo has been rebooted and is now back to 0, a new tournament is now underway and will finish in a week.
Until next monday at 10h00, challenge people in the ELO room. After this period, we will stop the Elo ranks in order to figure out the winners.

To win :

1st : 4000 Crystals + one collector's card
Winners of the next tournament will be able to select a card that hasn't got any character quotes and write a text for it!
2nd: 3000 Crystals + one collector's card
3rd : 2000 Crystals + one collector's card
In addition to this, a random draw will be made on 10 participants who will pocket 1000 Crystals.

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