Let us discover the new character of the week: A Tracker!

Keep your guard up!. Rare. Action, Kotoba. The next One Handed Weapon or Armor played on your character this round is active immediately. Health points +2 at the end of this round. Chain: Item.

Shuriken. Uncommon. One handed weapon, Kotoba, Tracker. Attack +2. Activates immediately. Chain. This card returns to your hand at the end of the current round, after it has been played.

A close shave. Uncommon. Action, Kotoba, Tracker. The opposing character has Attack =0 if he has at least one dagger activated.

Hime (and two upgrades). Common. Character, Kotoba, Marauder, War Guemelite, Tracker. Spirit 1. Att 5/9. Def 2. Health 11. Attack +1 against Priests. Orders 1 and 2 : Attack +2.

Katamaru. Common. War Spell, Kotoba, Mage. Attack +X where X equals your character's Spirit. Opposing Defense -X where X equals the opposing character's Spirit.

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