As the solution of War seemed inevitable, some Noz'Dingard took different approaches, Lord Galmara organized a ball for example. Was this the last chance to avoid a conflagration? Or was this the perfect opportunity to learn about events taking place in the shadows?

Let us welcome our diplomatic yet dangerous new friends: The Courtesans! 4 new characters and 8 new cards .
These characters are capable of integrating different guilds. Kimiko for example can be integrated in a Kotoba Deck or a Desert Nomad Deck.

Plus! Until Wednesday the 29th of September 2010 at 9h00 (french time), when you buy a 12 card Booster pack in store, you will obtain an extra bonus card!

Kimiko (and her two upgrades). Rare. Character, Kotoba and Desert Nomads, Unknown Class, Courtesan, Human. Spirit 1. Att 0/1. Def 1. Health 12. You cannot modify her Attack. When Kimiko enters battle, all the opposing characters lose 2 Health points. Orders 1, 2 and 3: The opposing character has Attack -2.

Marlok (and his two upgrades). Uncommon. Character, Noz'Dingard Envoy and Zil Warrior, Mage, Courtesan, Human. Spirit 2. Att 3/5. Def 1. Health 12. You other characters have Spirit -1. Orders 5 and more: The opponent discards a card..

Hasna (and three upgrades). Uncommon. Character, Desert Nomads and Zil Warriors, Marauder, Courtesan, Solarian. Spirit 1. Att 5/7. Def 0. Health 15. Gain Attack +1 against all Warriors. Orders 5 and more: The opposing character has Health points -2.

Angelica (and two upgrades). Common. Character, Noz'Dingard Envoys and Desert Nomads, Marauder, Courtesan, Human. Spirit 1. Att 6/7. Def 1. Health 12. Attack +1 against Marauders. Orders 1, 2, 3 and 4: Pick an additional card at the end of the round.

Tea Ceremony. Rare. Action. Courtesan. If the opposing character is a Mercenary or shares at least one guild with your character, the opposing characters lose 2 Health points.

Manipulation. Rare. Action. Courtesan. Permanent. All opposing characters have Attack -1. If any opposing character shares the same guild as your character, Attack -2 instead.

One Cheer for our champ! Uncommon. Action. Courtesan. Attack +1 per character sharing a guild with this character.

Overwelming Victory. Uncommon. Action. Courtesan. Permanent. Attack +1 to all your Zil characters. Defense +1 to all your Kotoba characters. Spirit +1 to all your Noz characters. Health points +2 to all your Desert Nomad characters..

Voodoo. Common. Action. Zil Warrior. Attack +2. Chain: Courtesan Card.

Seduction. Common. Action. Desert Nomad. The opposing character has Defense -2. Chain: Courtesan Card.

Lapdance. Common. Action. Kotoba. Defense +2. Chain: Courtesan Card.

Liquefaction. Common. Action. Noz'Dingard Envoys. The opposing character has attack -2. Chain: Courtesan Card..

Important : Important Update

  • You can now play Eredan iTCG in Full Screen! (bottom right hand corner button).
  • If your Eredan iTCG account is linked to your Facebook account, when you arrive on the main site, you will automatically log in.
  • New Room visuals, nicer look and more intuitive.
  • Aez the Wandering Warrior 3 et Hares the brute 3 cannot enter the Training room .

Have fun! !

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