Amhid has come as reinforcement for the Desert Nomads. You can now play with the Temple Guardian caste, the Sphinx is the figurehead.

Amhid (and his two upgrades). Uncommon. Character, Desert Nomads, Warrior, Undead, Temple Guardian. Spirit 0. Attack 5/8. Defense 0. Health Points 14. Gain chain if you play "Temple Sword" Odd Turns: Lose 1 Health point.

This Tomb... Common. Action. Desert Nomads. Temple Guardian. Attack +3, Health points -3. Chain : "...will be your GRAVE!"

...will be your GRAVE! Rare. Action. Desert Nomads. Temple Guardian. Attack +X where X equals the number of Health points your character has lost this turn by effects that you control. The Opposing character has Defense -2..

Sunburn. (and its upgrade). Uncommon. Action. Select a Permanent Action card on the opposing character. The card will go straight to the owner's discard pile. You can select an extra Permanent Action card if your character is a Priest.

Temple Sword. Common. Item Two Handed Sword. Desert Nomad. Warrior. Attack +2. Temple Guardian: Activates immediately.

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