Tempus Fugit

As from today 11h30 until Thursday the 18th of November 2010 at 9h00 (french time), a new trophy is available.
Don't wait too long as this is limited in time.

For this event, Win 50 games against different players in 6 turns or less.

A new Trophy in stores.

Players that did not manage to complete The Abandoned One trophy, can now buy it at the Eredan iTCG store.

For this event, you will have to play 60 games against different players having two characters from the same caste.
You will win the Revelation card : Action, Unique, Collector. Attack +1 and Defense +1 for each of your other characters sharing a caste with your current character in battle.
Good luck !

Weekend Promotion

As from today until Monday the 15th of November 2010 at 10h00 (french time), a 30% reduction on all boosters.
Be quick!

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