Results for the 51st Amnezy Tournament.

1st: 4000 Crystals + the Collector's card "Rain of Arrows" : Dignity (Elo 1930)
2nd : 3000 Crystals + the Collector"s card "Rain of Arrows : Dj SmiGOl(Elo 1925)
3rd : 2000 Crystals + the Collector"s card "Rain of Arrows" : nicomoa (Elo 1922)

Those who won 1000 Crystals: Ottavio_Granatao, lorusso601, iconstel, Zerkaden, Emrad, Peeeeeeet, troopa, Titomack, yagami_2k2, koby.

Congratulations to them !

Amnezy Tournament: New version

Changes for the Elo mode: The Elo is now using the tournament tool. Caracteristics of this tournaments are the followings :

  • You can get in using the Elo room, as usual.
  • You need to be registered to join.
  • One week duration.
  • Trophy and rewards for many people .
  • Some trophies will be doable every week : 1600 Elo, earn = 50XP Card. 1700 Elo, earn = 100XP Card. 1800 Elo, earn = Rain of Arrows. 1900 Elo, earn = Knackered. 2000 Elo, earn = New reward card “I'm the Law”.
  • we can now ban cards to give more interest in the tournament .for this week the following cards are banned : Bâbord, Ice wall, Ice shield.

Rewards :
A new sort of reward : Artwork Cards. Those cards are already existing card with an alternate design .

Pool prize : Half of the cristals earned during game in this tournament is collected in the pool prize and redistributed to the winners of the tournament.

  • 1st of the tournament : 10% of the pool prize + the 3 actual artwork cards (1 rare, 1 uncommon, 1 common)
  • 2nd : 8% of the pool prize + 1 Artwork card uncommon + 1 Artwork card common.
  • 3rd : 5% of the pool prize + 1 Artwork card uncommon + 1 Artwork card common.
  • All the players ranked in the the first tier share 25% of the prize pool
  • 4th to 20th : 1 Artwork card common.
  • 3 players drawn between the 4th and 20th : 1 Artwork card uncommon.
  • 5 players drawn from among all players from the 21st place : The actual common Artwork card

Warning : The color on the trophy bases or title are related to their difficulty ! For example the red is used for the hardest challenges.


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