Rockspeaker the shaman

This release contains a new character that can be used in many types of Sap Heart Decks along with many Sap Heart and other guild related cards.

Arachnophobia. Rare. Spell Nature. Sap Heart. Mage. Mage: Attack +3. The opposing character suffers 2 Direct damage. At the end of the fight, this card is placed in your Deck.

Fierceness. Rare. Action. Sap Heart. If the opposing character dies this Turn, the other living opposing characters suffer 2 Direct damage.

Rockspeaker (and his two upgrades). Uncommon. Character, Sap Heart, Mage, Hom'chai. Spirit 0. Attack 2/4. Defense 1. Health points 12. Can attach "Tribal Mask" on one of your other characters. If "Rockspeaker" dies, your other Sap Hearts gain 2 Health points. Turns 2 and 5: Attack +1 and Defense +1.

Destructive Totem. Uncommon. Spell Earth. Mage. All opposing characters have Defense -1 this Turn and the next for each of your Hom'Chai still alive.

Bestial Wrath. Uncommon. Action. Sap Heart. Hom'chai. Spirit= 0 and Defense= 0. Minimum Attack + X where X equals the difference between the Maximum Health points and the current Health points of your character (Attack +5 Maximum).

Amber Dagger. Common. Item dagger. Sap Heart. This card is attached to the opposing character and becomes an Item other. At the end of each fight, the character suffers 2 Direct damage. Activates immediately.

Tribal Mask. Common. Item Armor. Hom'chai / Elfine. Attack +1 and Defense +1. An additional Attack +1 and Defense +1 for each of your other characters carrying a "Tribal Mask" and having a different race from your character the moment this card is played.

Mutual Aid. Common. Action. Choose one of your other untapped living characters, this character is then tapped and loses 2 Health points. Defense= X where X equals the Defense of the character that was tapped due to the effect of this card.

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