Prince Metchaf, heir to the throne of the Sand kingdom leaves for Aksenoun, the second largest city of Emerald Desert.
This release introduces two new Nomad characters + Nomad and other Guild related cards.

Prince Metchaf (and his two upgrades). Rare. Character. Nomad. Warrior. Solarian. Spirit 1. Attack 7/8. Defense 0. Health points 15. Gain Chain if you play a Nomad Weapon. Turns 4, 6 and 8: Attack +2.

Disembodiment. Rare. Action. Nomad. Your character suffers 3 direct damage. Choose one of your characters, he gains 5 Health points.Temple Guardian: Chain.

Shrikan (and his two upgrades ).Uncommon. Character. Nomad. Warrior. Priest. Solarian. Temple Guardian. Spirit 1. Attack 3/7. Defense 0. Health points 15. Turns 2 and 3: "Shrikan" suffers 1 direct damage and gains Attack +2.

Aksenoun's Fresco. Uncommon. Theurgy. Nomad. Priest. Solarian. The opposing character has Spirit -1. Deals 2 magic damage to the opposing character +1 additional magic damage for each "Aksenoun's Fresco" in your Discard Pile. Chain: Item or Theurgy.

My turn!. Uncommon. Action. Nomad. Attack +1. An additional Attack +2 if your character has suffered damage this Turn.

Solar Plastron. Common. Item armor. Nomad. Priest. If your character's printed Defense equals 0 the moment this card is played and at the start of each fight, 2 Nomad cards from your Discard pile are placed in your Deck. Activates immediately. Chain: Theurgy. .

Sun Glare. Common. Item One handed Sword. Nomad. Attack +1 for each of your Nomad warriors still alive. Activates immediately if one of your Nomads is dead. Chain: "Solaris".

No Mercy!. Common. Action. Generic. Marauder. If a non-Item card is attached to the opposing character, he has Defense -3.

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