As you know, we have created a "patch note" topic in the Update section on the forum, this will be updated every Friday.

We will now communicate the recent updates through news once a week:

  • Bug that allowed Dimizar not to take damage when cards were attached to the opponent is now resolved.
  • Daily quests are now fixed.
  • Immobilisation's effect is now applied.
  • Mental prison too.
  • Dmg reduction of Perversion is now fixed including the collector version.
  • Magic Poison remains attached during the first three turns as stated.
  • Zazen now works for the amount of Turns stated.
  • Anryena no longer chains cards like Tadaa! You're a bunny! when she is equipped with Draconian scepter.
  • Win using Magic now works even if a spell is player beforehand.
  • The card Hitting the mark has the appropriate rarity. It is Collector.
  • Daily quest Trophies appear normally now in the players collections.
  • the card Illumination no longer duplicates cards.
  • Clumsiness can no longer discard Arachnophobia.
  • Elo trophies are now validated at the appropriate score.
  • During the last update, we have slightly modified the "Foil" effect for better stability.
  • "Fan Card": The icon and the most recent guild card background now appear.

Have fun!

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