- New series display.

In order to improve the visibility in the collection section and to clarify the series, we have performed an update on the rarity symbols.
You will now see one symbol per Act. Each Act has a specific name: Act I - Fallen from the sky, Act II - The Crystal's Song, Act III - Dazzling Illumination.

- New boosters.

For 15 days, you will find two new boosters in store. These will replace the classic premium boosters. You will now find: Act I Booster and Act II and III Booster.
These boosters have the same characteristics as Premium boosters in terms of price, number of cards and rarity.

- New Store.

The Store has changed! We have improved the graphics and ergonomy for better comfort of use and a smoother presentation of our products.


A new Zil character has arrived in Eredan iTCG : Wild, the leader of the Pack!

She will find her place in many Zil decks. This release includes more Zil cards and other guild related cards as well.

Wild (and her two upgrades). Rare. Character. Zil. Marauder. Shadow Guemelite. The Pack. Spirit 0. Attack 5/9. Defense 2. Health points 12. Attack +1 against Warriors. Turns 1, 2 and 3: A "Lunation" is picked from your Deck and placed on one of your out of combat characters determined at random.

The Howls. Rare. Action. Zil. The Pack. This card becomes a Volk Pet. Your character performs an additional Attack that equals the number of Volk pets in your possession +1 for each of your Beasts still alive. Permanent. Chain.

Lunation. Uncommon. Action. Zil. The Pack. "Even Turns: All your characters from the Pack gain Defense +1 this Turn. Odd Turns: All your characters from the Pack gain Attack +1 and Defense +2 this Turn. Permanent."

Dirty Trick. Uncommon. Action. Zil. The Pack. "Defense +1. If the card played as a Chain gives a random characteristic bonus, the card will provide its maximum bonus. Chain: Pack card."

Hit the Road. Uncommon. Action. "Choose an out of combat untapped living character, this character is then tapped. Chain."

Hallucination. Common. Shadow Spell. Zil. Mage. "The next damage dealt to your character this Turn is dealt to one of your living characters detrmined at random".

Stealth Attack. Common. Action. Marauder. Attack +1. At the start of the fight, your character gains Attack +1 for every turn spent out of combat since his last fight. Permanent.

Taming the Beast. Common. Action. Zil. The Pack. "Attaque +2 ou Attaque -2. Défense +2 ou Défense -2. Esprit +2 ou Esprit -2."

Have fun!

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