Poll Results.

We wanted to thank you for being so many to vote in the poll that concluded the Easter Egg Hunt.
We proposed an Equinox Revamp and players had to vote amongst these three characters: The Mystic Slayer, Kronhan and the Fog Snake.
After a great battle The Fog Snake won hands down! The mystic Slayer and Kronhan never stood a chance.
Players that won the trophy Egg Hunt - Egg God will receive this new revamped character when released.
This new character will also be available in boosters.

New Trophy in store.

Players that did not manage to complete The Fantastic One Trophy, can now purchase it in the Eredan iTCG store.

Win 10 games by killing an opposing character with each one of your characters..
You will win the title The Fantastic One and the card The Untouchable .

The Untouchable : Action. Unique. Collector. The next cards played by your opponent this Turn cannot modify your character's Defense. Defense +1. Chain.

Have fun!

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