The Winner of the Avatar Contest.

We would like to thank all of the MSNBATCOCAS Avatar Contest participants.
We witnessed great creativity and artistic talent thanks to this exciting event.
This battle was long and hard but Ishbal ended up being our grand winner!

He wins the special “The Grand Avatar Master 2011 Trophy and Title”!
Have a look at his exclusive interview and get to know our grand winner.

Congratulations to all!

Interview with a winner: Ishbal.

Hello Ishbal! So you are our grand winner! Could you please present yourself a little for those who don't know you?

Well, where should I start? :) I'm exploring the world of Eredan under the nick of Ishbal. I'm an officer for the majestic Consortium guild and loyal servant to the immortal Emperor since day 1.

How did you discover Eredan iTCG and how long have you been playing it?

I discovered Eredan ITCG while searching for quick browser online games on the net. I generally stop playing these games after 2 or 3 days... yet Eredan was different, I'm still on it! Plus, I was lucky enough to discover Eredan one or two days after its original launch, so I've pretty much seen the evolution of the game from the beggining, it's been a full year now!

The avatar with which you won strangely reminds us of a Kotoba we all love :) I'm guessing this is the guild you prefer?

Absolutely not, I have no idea what you are talking about.
All I want to say is : " GLORY TO THE EMPEROR!!! " " KOTOBA FTW!!! " and " TREMBLE WITH FEAR FOR MY WAKISASHI IS HERE!! " There... as you can see, I can remain impartial. ( oh wait...)

You had quite a bit of competition, who did you vote for?

Unbiased as usual, I voted Hell-Nico, he is also a member of the Consortium guild. I also thought that Smelcc's Avatar was particularly good. It was very close between us, even stressful at times, all in good spirit of course! Bleachman's avatar was pretty cool too.

Eredan had its first birthday not long ago, what game changes would you like to see in the upcoming months in Eredan?

Two main elements come to mind instantly, I know that a lot of players like me are looking foward for PVE and the implementation of guilds in-game. These two elements should offer new horizons for Eredan, I cannot wait to test this of course!

Thanks to all who voted for my Avatar and to the MSN team that organized this contest. See you In game!

Have fun!

Eredan iTCG, the online trading card game.
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