The Mystic Slayers, have been a legend for some time in Guem for their notorious killings. And it seems as if they are becoming more and more active...

Be careful, because the Master-Mystic Slayer is ready to fight !
The new generic cards this week will meet the needs of all, particularly the Priests and the Marauders. Also a new tool for fighting against your opponents is at your disposal!
Enjoy the Game !

Master-Mystic Slayer (and his 4 upgrades). Rare. Character. Mercenaries. Marauder.Unknown. Spirit 1. Attack 6/10. Defense 1. 12 Health Points. Attack +1 against the Mages and the Priests. -1 magic Damage point suffered by your character. Turns 2 and 6 : -1 Damage point suffered by your character.

Stitches. Uncommon. Theurgy of faith. Priest. Defense +. Choose your character, and win between 3 and 5 Health points. Chain.

Grand Divine Scepter. Uncommon. Item one handed Staff. Priest. Attack +1 and Spirit +1. At the start of the fight, your character gains 2 Health point if he plays at least one Theurgy. Activates at the end of the fight. Permanent.

Dagger of sufferance. Common. Item one handed Dagger. Attack +1. Dual Wield. Permanent. Marauder: Additional Attack +1. Warrior: Defense +1.

Target Locked. Common. Action. Marauder. Each time your character activates an Action he gains Attack +1 until the end of the Turn. Permanent. Chain. Action.

Shifting Sand. Common. Action. 5 cards are randomly selected from the opponent's Discard pile and are are removed from the game.

Enjoy the Game !

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