Starting today until 3:30 PM (French time) until December 1st 2011 at 9 AM a new trophy is available.
Time is limited so don't waste any!

You must earn 400 points. You will earn 3 points each time:
You or your opponent plays a Water Spell-OR- You or your opponent play a Sap of Hearts card- OR- A character suffers 8 hits or more of damage points.
You lose one point each time that : you or your opponent play a Nomad card- OR- You or your opponent plays a Fire Spell...You will earn the Danger in Delay card and the title: Elementalist

Danger in Delay : Action. Collector. Unique. Defense +1, Spirit +1. One of your characters gains 1 Health points. Chain. At the end of the fight, this card is placed in your Deck.

Enjoy the Game !

Eredan iTCG, the trading card game.
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