Slippery weapon. Rare. Action. Zil Warriors, Marauder. You can choose a card attached to a character, it is discarded. If you have chosen a card, an opposing character suffers 1 direct damage, otherwise, you have Attack +3.

Mystery box. Rare. Other Item. This card is attached to a random character. Duration 4 to 6 turns. At the start of the turn, the holder is tapped if one of his allies is untapped, otherwise this card is discarded. The damage he suffers has a one in two chance of being ignored. Zil: choose the character this card is attached to.

Ribbon duel. Uncommon. Action. Zil Warriors. The two characters in battle have Attack +2 and Defense -2. Marauder: Chain Weapon. Your opponent has an additional Defense -2.

Mask of the murderer. Uncommon. Clothes Item. Zil Warriors, Marauder. Duration 3 turns. +2 to damage dealt. You draw 2 cards less during the next draw phase. Chain Zil card.

Dancing-blade. (3 evolutions in all). On his last evolution: Common. Zil Warrior. Marauder. Human Spirit 2. Attack 8/10. Defense 1. Health points 15. Attack +2 against the Mages. Turns 1, 2 and 5: Defense -1 and +2 to damage dealt. .

Nipple-clamp. Uncommon. Action. Marauder. Attack +2. If your opponent has a Defense bonus that is superior to yours, an additional Attack +2/+3. Chain "Chink in the Armor".

Fighting dagger. Common. Zil Warriors. Dagger One hand Weapon Item. Duration 6 turns. Dual Wild. Attack +1. If this card is removed from the game because of the effects of another card, an opposing character suffers 2 to 3 direct damage. Marauder: at the start of the fight, Attack +1 per dagger in game.

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