Arena Standard

A medallion tempest is rumbling!! The very first edition of the Joust of the Medallion is launched this weekend! With dozens of medallions at skate!!


From now on and until Sunday March 10th at 8:00 PM (French time).


Format:1 character and 15 to 30 cards
Only cards from the Standard series. 1 Unique card per deck.

Special rules:

At the start of each game, the characters in game obtain one of the following bonuses. (both characters obtain the same one)

  • - Attack +3
  • - Defense +3
  • - Max Health points +3
  • - Spirit +3


Open your eyes because the reward is exceptional! Medallions and one Booster guaranteed to all the participants and much more for those at the top of the ranking:

  • The first three win 499 Fee'z each.
  • Players from the first quarter win 75 medallions each.
  • Each player receives a NewComer Booster as soon as he has played 5 games.
  • Each player who registers win 25 Medallions.
  • Registration Fee

    Registration: 499 Fee'z

    Good luck to all of you, may good fortune be with you!!

    Enjoy the game!

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