- Improvement of the functioning of one precise point in the game, when several characters must handle effects at the same time (for instance effects that are activated by damage dealt), these effects will be tackled in the following order:

First the characters of the player who has the initiative, from the left to the right, then those of his opponent, from the left to the right too. As you might have noticed, the characters are now placed randomly at the start of the game for that reason.

Particular point: death of the characters

When characters must die at the same time, the deaths occur in the order mentioned above, while their eventual death effects are activated. If such an effect is activated, the character who activated it dies, then a verification process takes place to see if other characters must die, starting once more by the left character of the player who has the initiative.

This system corrects and clarifies interactions, specially between Ourenos and Admiral Al Killicrew. For instance: If the player who has the initiative, has Ourenos and that some of his characters die, Ourenos' attacks are activated and this can lead to Admiral Al Killicrew's death. But Admiral Al Killicrew's death effect (resurrection), can only occur afterwards since her player does not have the initiative, therefore,she will rise again. Or the other way round, if Admiral Al Killicrew has the initiative and challenges one of Ourenos' allies and that these two characters die, it is possible that she dies just after because of Ourenos' attack.

-The bug that enabled one to benefit from the Chain given by Ixor, just after his death has been corrected.

- The bug that made it impossible to select some trophies to display them in your player profile has been corrected.

-The bug that activated the direct damage of Fighting dagger when his holder died, has been corrected.

Enjoy the game!

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