Tame the elements. Rare. Guem Spell. Stone linkers. Mage. All the Stone-Hearts are discarded. Deals X magic damage to your opponent where X equals your Spirit +3 for each one of them.

Burn. Rare. Fire Spell. Stone linkers. Mage. Duration 3 turns. As this card activates, deals X magic damages to your opponent where X equals your Spirit +2 per active "Fire Stone-heart". Fire Guemelite: +3 additional magic damage. At the end of the third turn, Spirit +3 until the end of the game.

Overnight stele. Uncommon. Other Item. Stone linkers. You obtain your Order bonus if you don't have it yet. An Action from your Deck is played.

Kalion the colossus. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Uncommon. Stone linkers. Warrior, Mage. Earth Guemelite, Fire Guemelite. Spirit 2. Attack6/9. Defence 2. Health points 14. Defense +1 per Earth Guemelite ally (alive or dead). Spirit +1 per Fire Guemelite ally (alive or dead). Turns 1, 4 and 5: Defense +2 and Spirit +1.

Compass. Common. Other Item. Stone linkers. Permanent. At the end of the turn, if your Spirit bonus is inferior to 6, Spirit +1 per character who has activated its Order bonus this turn. Chain "Overnight stele".

Living ring. Common. Jewel Item. Stone linkers. Permanent. Defense +1 per Earth or Water Spell attached to a Stone Linker. Spirit +1 per Air or Fire Spell attached to a Stone Linker.

Explorer. Common. Action. Defense + 1 per Guild, per Class and per Race shared with an ally. Courtier or Stone Linkers: Chain.

Enjoy the game!