The Metamage

From now on and until 03/21/2013 09:00 AM (French time), a new trophy is available.

You can take part in this trophy during that precise lapse of time, after that it will not be available anymore. You can also buy this trophy for 199 Fee'z and acquire the title and the card associated with it.

Cumulate 50 points, you earn 1 point each time you force your opponent to discard an Action from his Hand or his Deck, and each time you discard one of his Actions in play. 5 points Maximum per game, you must play against different players.

You will earn the card named The den of the Metamages and the title: The Metamage.

The den of the Metamages: Action. Collector. Unique. 3 different cards in each Discard pile are removed from the game. A copy of each one of these cards in its owner's Deck is discarded.

Enjoy the game!