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In their house of abysses, the Nehantic forces spend their time daydreaming... longing for the day on which when they will eventually launch an assault on the Land of Guem! The new Demon who has just appeared is named Bellicosity. Strolling around with his loyal Demonic ax and a whole army of Demonic Servants, he is ready to follow any of his invocator's desires.

The Master's voice. Rare. Action. Nehantists, Warrior. Duration 3 turns. Doubles the characteristic penalties on the opposing characters wearing a Demonic Servant Pet. Chain if there is more than one Demonic Servant Pet in play.

Magic sensitivity. Rare. Corruption Nehantic Spell. Nehantist, Mage. Permanent. This card is attached to your opponent. The holder has +4 to magic damage suffered during the Turn when this card is activated, then +1 to magic damage suffered on the following Turns.

Pestilence perfume . Uncommon. Potion Item. Nehantists, Demon. Permanent. Attack +1 and Defense +1. Choose another Demon, he has Attack +1 and Spirit +2 until the end of the game. Chain.

The Nehantist's repose. Uncommon. Action. Nehantists. Duration 5 turns. Choose one of your Warriors and attach this card to him, he has Defense +2. If he is wearing a Weapon, the opposing characters have Attack -1. If he is wearing an Armor, they have Defense -2. Chain Weapon or Armor.

Gnarl. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution: Common. Character. Nehantists. Warrior. Demon. Spirit 1. Attack 8/9. Defense 3. Health points 13. Gain Chain if you play a One Handed Weapon. The non Demon characters have Attack -1 and Spirit -1. Turns 2, 4 and 5: Attack +2.

Bile-spitter . Common. Other Item. Nehantist, Warrior, Marauder, Demon. Permanent. Choose a character and attach this card to him, he has Attack -2 if he is a Demon. This card becomes a Demonic Servant Pet. Chain.

Demoniac ax. Common. Other Item. Ax One handed Weapon Item. Nehantists, Demon. Permanent. Dual Wield. As this card activates and at the start of the fight, your opponent has Attack -1 and Defense -1 until the end of the turn for each Demoniac Servant in play.

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