Flare. Rare. Fire. Pirates. Mage. Permanent. At the end of your fight, you suffer 1 direct damage. If you die, one opponent character suffers 1 to 2 magic damages for every "Powder" Tokens attached to you (maximum 14)

Teslarms. Rare. Dagger. Duration: 4 turns. Attack +2. Dual Wield. 2 to 3 Lightning Spell in game are discarded. Pirate: Spirit +1 for each Lightning Spell in your Discard Pile (maximum +4). Chain.

Tetany. Uncommon. Lightning. Pirates. Your opponent has Attack -1 for each other Lightning Spell in game (maximum -5). "Mylad" or "Commander Malderez": duration 2 turns. Defense +4 if the Attack of your character is above his Printed Attack.

EMP Grenade. Uncommon. Other. Pirates. At the end of the fight, from 2 up 3 cards attached to your opponent are discarded and every character in battle suffers 1 direct damage for every card discarded in this way. Chain if you at least 1 "Powder" Token is attached to you.

Blow up the lock. Uncommon. Action. Duration: 2 turns. The opponent characters have Defense -1 for every weapon attached to you. Pirate: Duration: 2 turns and additional Defense -1. Chain Pirate card.

Commander Malderez . (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Common. Pirates. Mage. Human. Spirit 3. Attack 2/5. Defense 3. Health points 14. If you play a Pirate Item or a Pirate Spell, the characters in battle gain 3 "Powder" Tokens. Turns 3 and 5: Spirit +1.

Steam chest. Common. Other. Choose up to 5 cards from your Hand. They are placed in your Deck and you draw until you have 5 card in your Hand.

Enjoy the game!