To celebrate the arrival of our new Warrior, we propose you this week a pre-builded Deck that will allow you to try a new playing style, obtaining some cards of the week. Come to discover until Sunday 25th August at 8 PM (Paris time) the deck "Combatants of the Emperor" for 999 Fee'z.

The Deck inludes: Asajiro the vagabond - Kasai - Master Ma - Weapons at will X1 - Wild wood Catapult X1 - Daikatana X2 - Duel X1 - Surprising movement X2 - Prestigious Great Helmet X1 - Blade Master X2 - Okugi X2 - Repulse the enemy X1 - Imperial Guard Armor X3 - Taichi sword X2 - Masamune's Blade X3 - Fullness X1 - Xzia rampart X2.

Moreover, the re-edited card of the week is Nehantic hold.

Black Fire. Rare. Action. Nehantists. Marauder. Attack -7. At the end of the fight your opponent suffers the same amount of physical damages that you have suffered during this turn. Chain if there is less than 4 alive characters.

Kasai. (2 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Rare. Kotoba. Warrior, Mage. Human. Chasseur de Démons. Spirit 2. Attack 6/8. Defense 4. Health points 14. Every time that magical damages are dealt, your Kotoba Warriors have Spirit +2 until the end of the turn. After you played your cards, if you have 2 playable fire Spells in your Hand, one of them is played. Turn 1, 3, 5 and 6: Defense and Spirit +2.

Nehantic hold. Rare. Nehantic. Nehantists. Mage. Duration 2 turns. Each opposing character has Spirit -2 and suffers 2 magic damage points for each Corruption attached to him (6 maximum).

Fullness. Uncommon. Action. Kotoba. Choose a card attached to an opposing character. It's discarded. Warrior: If this card is an Item, a playable One handed Weapon from your Hand is played. Otherwise, an action from your Hand, except "Fullness", is played.

Demon's horns. Uncommon. Other. Nehantists. Marauder. Permanent. Attack +2 per Demonic Servant in game. Every time that a Demonic Servant activates, an opposing character suffers 1 direct damage point. Chain.

Masamune's Blade. Common. Sword. Kotoba. Warrior. Permanent. Dual Wield. Attack +2. As this card activates, Spirit +2 until the end of the turn and a "Blade Master" from your deck is played. Chain.

Xzia rampart. Common. Shield. Kotoba. Warrior. Duration 2 to 3 turns. All characteristic penalties of your character are canceled. Your warriors cannot suffer anymore characteristic penalties. Chain Item.

Demonic ancestry. Common. Action. Nehantists. Marauder. Demon. Permanent. Every time that a character holding a Demonic Servant suffers damages, a Demon has Attack +1 or Defense +1. Chain.

Enjoy the game!