And here comes the 10th!

Since Eredan iTCG was launched in April 2010, we have been through 9 acts and two great sagas: The Stone Fallen from the Sky and Equinox. Time goes by as fast in our world as it does in the fantastic world in which our Heroes' adventures take place. After having saved the world fighting against Sol'ra, Nehant and the Impress, a new enigmatic character has appeared. But what does he want exactly? You will soon know!

To celebrate the launching of Act X, all the players who log in this week will receive the collector card named "World in Peril" plus a lottery ticket.

A whole week to get what you need

The Special Packs per Act are on Sale this Week!!! 4 Boosters for the Price of 3!!!

Each pack contains:

- 2 Newcomers boosters

- 2 boosters from any former act you want (1 to 7)

- 1 lottery ticket!

That is 48 cards including 4 rares for just 1200Fee'z.

What's more, your first purchase unlocks an additional 10% discount on all the other packs you buy!

Lottery tickets?


Next Friday, 4 new skin characters will arrive in the Treasure section of the store, for that special occasion, we have organized a lottery with 20 of these new and very exclusive cards at stake. Obtain more tickets to make your chances increase!

Novelties at the Champions' Hall!

The Champions' Hall has been updated and the reward cards of past events that are older than 3 months have been added to the "Bronze", "Silver" and "Gold" goods.


Next week, we are gonna launch two updates that you are sure gonna appreciate!

The first will enable you to get rid of cards that you do not use, including the non-exchangeable ones by using the direct-sell for crystals (you will know about the price when the update takes place).

The second update will enable you to connect back to a game after an unwanted disconnection!

Enjoy the game ;)