After Johan, Lord Protector of Avalonia,Gakyusha the Imperial Lord, Dimizar and Melissandre, we offer you to discover four new skin of famous Eredan iTCG characters: Archmage Anryena, The Liberated Telendar, Vizier Mahamoud and Azalys the Five Time Widow.

Here the characteristics of these new Skins:

- Characters are sold at their last evolution.

- They have the same characteristics as the "normal" version, and follows the same rules for Deck building.

- Price : 999 Fee'z

- Non exchangeable card

- Permanent item in store

With this announce arrives the drawing of lots of the animation of Act X

Here are the winners who win one of these skins:

Archmage Anryena: Ryuunosuke.xx, JoKerAcamond, tneciv, Л КВ, Facu_Ibarrola.

The Liberated Telendar : Kevunchis, สามลม_ป่าเล, JarodG64, Ciiroo_Ldz, Hüseyin_Uzun

Vizier Mahamoud Jack69, Facku_López, Jhansen_Hamto, Marco Gonzalez, necrom

Azalys the Five Time Widow: Fernando_Aquino_Hernandez, 4thokage, sirius26, Свят Волик, clairdelune2807

Enjoy the adventure!

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