Greetings everyone,

In case you missed them upon their release, the Legendary Packs Unstable Portal and Nehantic Receptacle are now available for a limited time. Make the most of this opportunity!

These packs contain:

"Unstable Portal" or "Nehantic Receptacle" + 1 other Legendary card, 11 Rare, 48 Uncommon, and 84 Common, selected from Acts 5 to 13.

Also to be found in this offer: 1 Foiler card, 4 XP +100 cards, 1 XP +200 card, and 1 XP +500 card.

Beware! The Legendary Packs will only be available in store until Tuesday 15th November at noon (CET).

Have a good end of the week on Eredan iTCG!